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Zombie Alley

You are a survivor of the world’s largest military created bio-chemical catastrophe!
Over the course of just a few months, 90% of all living things have been infected. With no working TV or radio, you do not know the full extent of the virus or the destruction it has caused anywhere else.

Idle Defense Game

Build up defenses while you progress through the story.

Unique and Lifelike Enemies

Stunning lifelike zombies and maps.

Build While Offline

Locations generate money even when offline! 

Free to Play

No Forced Ads! Ever.

You will need to discover some top of the line zombie killing weapons in order to survive for long.
Setup a defense of several weapons and cause some serious zombie carnage!
Unlock specialized drones for both resource gathering and to use as weapons!

Just a little preview!

These are just the start of what will be coming for you.


Slaughter Endless Zombies

 ☣ Build and upgrade weapons to defend your trapped party.
 ☣ Collect special boosts to increase your power and income.
 ☣ Unlock and send drones on missions to collect more rewards.
 ☣ Fight off waves of zombie hordes in order to safely advance.
 ☣ Revisit each map to collect offline income and advance to even higher waves.
 ☣ Use boosts and special weapons to blast through the bosses.

Unlock top secret military weapons!

Complete Unique Quests!

Collect resources and other rewards from completing a huge variety of quests and achievements.


Unlock Tactical Drones! 

Unlock a variety of specialized drones that you can send on missions to collect resources and other rewards.

Unlock specialized attack drones to help tear through the zombie hordes.

You will need to face off against enemies from only your darkest fears.  Do you think you can keep your party safe while trying to find a stronghold?

Pre-Release is available for a very limited time.

Register now and recieve an awesome welcome package to help get you started.